Enjoy freedom with your computer

Freedom with Ubermix computing

Ubermix is a free computer operating system made easy to use and with many advantages, for example its simplicity and its suitability for off-line use, such as in developing countries.

Ubermix can support all your needs in education, personal use and business.

Whatever computer you have, at work, at the organization you are part of, or at school, college, university or wherever you are — your computer can be free from virus, free from paid updates and licenses.

On top of that, Ubermix is a very user-friendly and stable computer system. Wouldn’t that be nice? And then you can even enjoy the freedom to download lots of software apps for free.

Get Ubermix, it is free and without any cost. Download Ubermix (see how on at Get Ubermix on the menu of this website) or you can get it on a USB from a friend or business partner.

As soon as you have access to a USB with the install software, then Ubermix is easy to install on your computer. Five minutes and you can start your job. Yes, that is true.

Due to the fact that there is no virus, Ubermix is perfect for offline usage, also in places where files are taken back and forth from other virus prone computers.

You do not need expensive hardware. You can install Ubermix on your an old Windows computer.

You will be surprised how well it works. You will enjoy freedom!

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Visit Ubermix.org

To visit the home of Ubermix, go to ubermix.org.

Our contribution

This website is created to share the possibilities and the know-how of Ubermix. It is a small contribution to the great work of the Ubermix team. Our contribution is a set of tutorials. It is our wish to keep things simple and straightforward.

You can contribute too

This website is our contribution. You can contribute too. Please add to the community of Ubermix (and Linux and Ubuntu in general) in whatever way you like.

If you wish to contribute, one way to do that is to make a website like this one. You can do that for free at wordpress.com like we have done here.

Not a blog or discussion

This website is not a blog and also not a discussion fora. Let us meet in discussions elsewhere. You can also find us via the contact page.

Technical background of Ubermix

Ubermix is a version of the Linux operating system. Ubermix is based on Ubuntu which in turn is based on Debian, that is itself is based on Linux (and Linux is based on Unix, see wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix). Being based on Linux, it is different from Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. However, it shares a common origin with the Apple Macintosh in that they are both based on Unix.

Linux is an operating system serving the majority of servers of the internet (linux.org). Linux also serves the majority of smartphones as Android is based on Linux (for this, see wikipedia.org). Debian is a desktop version of the Linux operation system (debian.org). Ubuntu is a further development of the Debian desktop (ubuntu.com/desktop). Finally, Ubermix is an even further refined and focused desktop operating system.

Peder Kjaergaard and Henrik Zilstorff